By Marina Aagaard, MFT

Every day when I open my ACER computer, there is a new photo of a special place. That is great. What is not so super; there is no mention of where the photo is taken.


Yesterdays photo was interesting. This place I would like to see for real.

But where is it?

Do you know? If yes, please drop me a comment.


    • Hi David E,
      SUPER. I have been wondering on and off about it.
      Thank you so much for sending the link to the place, that is really nice and helpful of you, much appreciated.
      And it is in Europe, too, so hopefully it will be possible to go there – want to come to Sydney even more, though – lucky you – (if only it was not on the other side of the globe).
      Lots of cheers for Aarhus, Denmark 🙂


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