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Outdoor Training Area Graffiti: Karolinelund, Aalborg

By Marina Aagaard, MFT

Superb sunny afternoon in Aalborg, Northern Denmark, the other day. Out of my natural habitat. Scouting for places to do an outdoor fitness workshop. Got a tip.
Went to Karolinelund. Stumbled upon some really nice outdoor artwork.

Karolinelund Graffiti Marina Aagaard blog


A popular public park in the Eastern end of the city centre of Aalborg, Denmark. It used to host an amusement park.

It was founded in 1946 by the brothers Volmer and Carl Lind and later owned by Franck Bo Lind. In 2005 he sold the park to Torben Pedersen. After only one season, Pedersen sold the park to Aalborg Kommune in 2007.

The park was called Tivoliland from the 1970s until 2005. When Pedersen bought the park in 2005 he changed the name to Tivoli Karolinelund. Today the amusement park is called Karolinelund, the original name of the area where the park is located.

The park closed after the 2010 season.


wIMG_1442-1 IMG_1458-1Karolinelund_Graffiti_Marina_Aagaard_blog

I am a graffiti fan (but dislike defacing and tagging of beautiful buildings) and find these really cool; an exciting backdrop for outdoor training. But went for another spot, though.

Karolinelund_Graffiti_Marina_Aagaard_blogKarolinelund_Graffiti_Marina_Aagaard_blogKarolinelund_Graffiti_Marina_Aagaard_blog wIMG_1449-1  wIMG_1447-1   wIMG_1448-1 wIMG_1450-1 wIMG_1451-1wIMG_1453-1      wIMG_1452-1wIMG_1454-1Karolinelund_Graffiti_Marina_Aagaard_blog wIMG_1522-1 wIMG_1523-1 Karolinelund_Graffiti_Marina_Aagaard_blog IMG_1460-1IMG_1461-1

Happy outdoor workout.


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  • Carsten Nielsen

    Interesting it is to keep in perspective, that in China and espc. Thailand, similar paintings are not as all as beautifully artistical, but that the population there both generally and specifically, has way more physical control over their performances in their traditional martial arts than westerners has.

    It seems like keeping the surface pretty is westerner approach whereas their rooths are way more stable and functional capable.

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