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Worlds longest straight staircase inside a mountain

Worlds longest straight staircase?

On the internet the most widespread answer is:

Jacob’s Ladder

Stairs: 699 stairs

Length: 281,6 metres (924 ft)

Vertical meters: 183 metres (600 ft)

Maximum incline 87 % (41°)

Material: Concrete

A staircase on an island somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A staircase leading from Jamestown, Saint Helena, up the side of Ladder Hill to Ladder Hill Fort. The name is a reference to the biblical Jacob’s Ladder, a ladder extending to heaven.

But is it the longest straight staircase? No. 

Worlds longest straight staircase

And probably Worlds longest staircase inside a mountain is:

Gaustabanen Stairs (Trappe)

Stairs: 3111 stairs

Length: 1050 metres (3445 ft)

Vertical meters: 650 metres (2133 feet)

Maximum incline: 81 % (39°)

Material: Wood

A staircase inside Gaustatoppen mountain in Norway. Leading from the base station to the top station of a funicular. Going straight up. No landings, no turns.

The stairs – as many other funicular stairs – are not normally accessible to the public, except for one day a year: The annual Gaustabanen stair running event.

Worlds longest straight staircase Gausta Gaustabanen Marina Aagaard blog travelGaustatoppen exterior.

Gaustatoppen interior, Gaustabanen railway track and stairs (photo: Gaustabanen). Looking up the stairs, on left side of tunnel.

Stairs seen looking down; tunnel looks brighter than in real life (photo: Gaustabanen).

Map of the tunnel system.

Read more about stairs and long stairs (and Gaustabanen):


Wikipedia: Stairs


Gaustabanen Trappeløb (interior stair photos: Gaustabanen)

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