Fitness energy expenditure: Calories, bodyweight, MET table

By Marina Aagaard, MFT Fitness news: First overall overview table of fitness energy consumption for various fitness training activities and workouts based on latest data. In recent days, I have - for a magazine article - been busy calculating energy expenditure for different fitness exercise activities. It made me look for latest MET values, which I found, but spread over more pages. Also, I found no overview of examples of calorie consumption at different bodyweights. Some examples are listed, but they are not complete and not yet with the latest data, e.g. for kettlebell workouts or baby strollers. To establish an overview, I've calculated, drawn, sorted and translated data and color-coded the activities: Green: Low effort MET <3. Yellow: Moderate effort MET 3-6. Red: Vigorous effort MET> 6. Data can be used by for example personal trainers, dieticians, health counselors and dedicated exercisers.

Fitness energy expenditure

Figures are based on latest MET values; Compendium of Physical Activities, CPA , Arizona State University. MET, metabolic equivalent of task, indicates how many times harder the activity is compared to rest, 1 MET. Fitness energy expenditure consumption fitness met kcal marina aagaard blog Table. Fitness activities energy expenditure in Calories, kcal, per hour. Free use of table for non-profit purposes with reference Marina Aagaard and or link Enjoy your workout.