Af Marina Aagaard, MFT

Der er masser at ting at glæde sig over hver eneste dag. Især den omgivende natur; der er et mylder af liv og skønhed på vores blå planet. 

Træt? Mangel på energi? Gå ud, kig op, kig rundt, på natur og dyreliv – selv midt i byen er der natur. Det giver glæde og brug af sanserne styrker hjernen og giver fornyet energi.

Nogle gange tænker jeg, at jorden er paradiset.
Vi mennesker har bare ikke opdaget det….
Troels Kløvedal
Langturssejler, forfatter, foredragsholder, 1943-

IMG_0902 (2)-1-2-1Barafu camp, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, to måneder siden. Skønt.Vosnaes_Strand_IMG_2406[1]Vosnæs strand, i nabolaget, i går. Lige så skønt.


    • You are absolutely right. Life and resulting moods has its ups and downs! And it is not always possible just to think yourself positive, you may need some external help. I recommend very uplifting music (possibly with dancing/body moves as well), some comics or comedies, what ever works!
      Have a happy weekend.


      • Just now I’m in mid-crisis with my lower back……again! So you can see that staying positive is difficult, the least I can do just now is to look ahead and hope for a better day. Have a happy healthy weekend.


      • Having experienced low back pain my thoughts go out to you. Think about breathing deeply, relaxation and visualization; intense thinking about healthy back and no pain … do whatever you can physically, keep active as much as possibly, but in back-unstressful ways.
        Happy, healthy weekend to you.


  1. Thank you Marina. This is my 3rd episode this year!!! Doctor is referring me to orthopaedics. But this cycle of episodes needs to be broken somehow and I am struggling to find an solution. Perhaps a personal trainer who is also a physiotherapist!
    Today at least the sun is shining and I can walk around our small garden. Thank goodness for the medication though. However I will try your suggestion of intense visualisation.


    • Stop having episodes! 😉
      A physioterapist (and trainer) sounds good. You should look for an experienced one, who has special knowledge of back problems AND pain treatment.
      I hope you will get better soon.


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